Adams Avenue Bikes Services

We provide a full-service shop for all your bicycle needs. Full overhauls, restoration, single-speed conversion; all types of labor can be and will be done. Please call us for any service-related questions!

Tune Ups:

$125 El JefeMost comprehensive service; Drive train is removed and degreased in solvent tank. Includes intensive frame/wheel cleaning, 10% discount on parts and all other aspects of below tune ups.

$75 El Niño Adjustment of front and rear brakes, front and rear derailleurs, lubing of all components, airing up tires and minor cleaning.

  • À la Carte
  • $5 1-5 minutes
  • $10 6-10 minutes
  • $15 11-15 minutes
  • $30 16-30 minutes
  • Other Common Services
  • $60 Wheel build
  • $20 Wheel true, minimum
  • $16 Flat repair, tube included
  • $15 Bar wrapping